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iA incorporates the savings plans, and retirement to its mobile app



July 25, 2018 09:45

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The participants in the group plan ofiA financial Group can now follow the progress of their retirement savings from the application ai Mobile.

They can also use the app to view on their smartphone, where they are in relation to their retirement goal, and check whether the composition of their investment portfolio is still appropriate to their investor profile.

Thousands of users

iA indicates that the new users will join ” the thousands of participants of group insurance plans who connect already to the mobile application of iA financial Group for their insurance claims collective, check their prescription drug coverage, ensure the eligibility of their health care providers, and view their insurance card collective. “

“ai Group financial use digital technologies to get closer to the participants. It offers each of them the opportunity to interact with him the way that corresponds to their preferences and to foster their pro-active engagement and the achievement of better financial health, says Valerie Lelievre, senior director, marketing, communications and product development, insurance Solutions, and savings collective. We redefine the customer experience by integrating data and technology to provide a highly personalized service and solutions tailored to each user profile. “

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