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iA signs the principles for responsible investment, United Nations



18 April 2019 11:30

iA financial Group, through its subsidiary iA investment Managementbecame a signatory to the Principles for responsible investment, United Nations. A number of canadian companies in the financial sector, including asset Management Foresters, are also signatories.

“We are of the view that responsible investment is a key factor of success and that the integration of the criteria of environmental, social and governance is the preferred means to make responsible investment. The creation of value in the long term by a financial system that is both efficient and sustainable from the economic point of view, ” says Michel Tremblay, executive vice-president and chief investment officer at ai financial Group.

The Principles for responsible investment were developed by an international group of institutional investors, in partnership with thefinancial Initiative of the United Nations Programme for the Environment and the UN Global Compact, “says ai. “They echo the increasing importance of environmental issues, social and corporate governance for investment practices,” says the insurer.

Six Principles

By becoming a signatory of the Principles, iA must meet six guidelines :

  • Integrate environmental, social and governance in its decision-making process and investment analysis ;
  • Be shareholders assets and integrate these issues into their policies and procedures share ownership guidelines ;
  • Ask, as far as possible, by the entities in which ai invests in to be transparent on these issues ;
  • Encourage the adoption and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry ;
  • Cooperate to improve the effectiveness of the implementation of the Principles ;
  • Give an account of their activities and the progress made concerning the implementation of the Principles.
  • In October 2018, the Principles had over 2 000 signatures from over 50 countries. This represents more than 80 trillion dollars in assets. There are 116 signatories to canadians.

    iA will publish its first report on its activities in the field of responsible investment in the first quarter of 2021, and will focus on the activities carried out in 2020, says the insurer.

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