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IDC takes a storefront in Montreal to boost its expansion in Quebec


Alain Thériault

August 27, 2018 07:00

Ron Madzia and Henriette Bichai | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Agent-general in canada, IDC Worldsource Insurance Network (IDC) has opened an office in Montreal to make the kernel that will boost its expansion and its organic growth in Quebec.

IDC has hired Henriette Bichai , vice-president of operations for Quebec to head up its office in Pointe-Claire. This last is well known in the industry through his previous roles as director of the regions of the Atlantic and Quebec with the agent-general Qualified Financial Services (QFS) and the chair of the Group Goldman, acquired by QFS. The Journal of insurance the met with Ron Madzia, vice-chairman of the board and shareholder of IDC.

The two leaders of the IDC have put the focus on a point throughout the interview : the general agent’s primary focus is on organic growth to grow. IDC does not close the door to acquisitions, but if there are, they must fit with its company culture.

IDC is present in Quebec in the past four years, while he has recruited a great advisor producer Ivan M. Cons, which was established in Ville Saint-Laurent. Mr. Cons was therefore the bridgehead of the organization in Quebec and has been appointed general manager of what was then the Quebec division of IDC.

IDC was on a sales force of approximately 30 advisors in Quebec. They are now 88, or through a general agent partner, a group of producers or self-employed, recruited one at a time, ” said Ms. Bichai. The volume thus reached would require a physical presence in Quebec for IDC, but also by the compliance requirements.

The office of Pointe-Claire IDC account and three permanent employees and one intern for the summer. The hiring of a fourth permanent employee is in the plans to deal with its growth in Quebec, ” said Mr. Madzia.

Efforts to Montreal first

For now, Ms. Bichai said to focus on the development of the island of Montreal. It also plans to develop the agent-general in the regions where its competitors are less present, but also from consultants in under-serviced.

“We do not restrict ourselves to Montreal. We will also look at the South Shore and the North Shore, Drummondville to Hudson. We want to serve the people of the regions and visit them regularly, she added. There are a lot of good producers in the region, with a succession that is coming. “

Ron Madzia adds that the next steps of IDC Worldsource Insurance Network will depend on the growth of the business. It provides for the opening of an office in Montreal.

“The growth will dictate where will be our next Montreal office and where we will go beyond that “, he explains. The threshold required before that IDC thinks to open a branch office amounted to a million dollars in commissions the first year, reveals Mr. Madzia. “Our office has passed this threshold in 2017. It continues to grow and is profitable. “

The growth will dictate the number of employees who will be assigned to the Montreal office. Ron Madzia does not set a number of advisers to reach. He wants the good advisors ” that are dedicated to their art “, rather than a good number of councillors.

Rely on a local help…

He adds, remain on the lookout. If he sees that the growth takes off in a region, Mr. Madzia will open an office in the six months that follow. He will not wait not more than the advisors complain about before hiring additional staff in an existing office.

How IDC does it assert its offering to advisers in quebec ? “We have a tool box to help grow their business. We don’t compare ourselves to any other organisation. We compare ourselves to ourselves. The majority of the references we get are from advisors pleased with our services. It is distinguished by the way in which we help the advisor to resolve its problems, either in line with their suppliers, customers, products, compensation, among others “, said Mr. Madzia.

In Quebec, Ms. Bichai is supported among others by Wei Fam. Chief specialist of insurance records, the latter oversees the administrative aspects of the proposals that bring in the consultants.

The general agent also provides assistance to consultants in the field of risk pricing. IDC supports them also in the presentation of their case to the underwriter. “We treat our business locally. We do not send the proposals to the headquarters. The advisor gains a few days in processing time. It is necessary to provide a clear portrait rather than allowing the underwriter to guess. The advisor must obtain as much information as possible to be able to position the file properly. “

… and on the independence

According to Ron Madzia, another reason why the counselors choose IDC is the commitment of the organisation towards independence. “We don’t focus our business in one or two suppliers. We do not put forward some of our products and we do not have in-house products, ” he says.

In addition, Mr. Madzia reports that IDC does not belong to any insurer, so that those who have chosen this path have probably abdicated their independence. “We belong to a public company, Guardian Capital Group, “he recalls. We can not be purchased without his consent. Of course, anything can happen in the future. I cannot guarantee what it will be in ten years. At this time, we have no other interest than to grow across the country. “

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