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In the era of digiceutiques


Alain Thériault

June 19, 2018 07:00

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Apps health now have their name : digiceutiques.

These are mobile applications that produce a similar effect, if not superior, to that of drugs in some cases, argues Roger Simard. When recognized, for example by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, they are applications that allow you to reach a goal of therapy prescribed.

This year will be launched the first watch that can take the blood pressure at the wrist. The watch from the company Omron will be approved by the FDA.

In the United States, Ipad Health has digitized a program and sent a scale connected to those who participate. Each time a person weighs, its data is sent. People gather to work, having goals and compete with other groups. Another application digiceutique, available in the United States by Pear, offers support to people addicted to substances.

Because of the emergence of these applications, the country has an alliance of therapeutic technologies (Digital Therapeutics Alliance), in which there are also companies that do électroceutiques, ” says Mr. Simard. For example, the Quell, a band that is placed around the ankle. “Controlled by your iPhone, it can help reduce the intake of pain medication,” he says.

Roger Simard believes that there will soon be applications that will be prescribed by doctors. He points out that England has been in the past year, the first country to declare that the general practitioners who prescribe this type of application to certain lung diseases would be paid.

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