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Indigo adopt the program of repayment of debts education of Great-West



October 5, 2018 09:30

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Indigo is the first national employers to adopt the savings Program student debt of Great-West.

“These days, a post-secondary student has accumulated an average of $ 27,000 in debt at the end of his studies, and it will take about ten years to repay. Often, this debt leads to the postponement of important goals, such as starting a family or buying a house, ” says Brad Fedorchuk, vice-president, customer Experience and Marketing, Customer collective at Great-West.

Contribution to a retirement savings account

Through this program, when an employee makes a repayment on his student loan, federal or provincial, Indigo pays an equal amount in the retirement savings account of the employee under the pension plan and group savings business (up to a maximum).

The employees do not have to register the program and send Great-West proof of the amounts they pay regularly for the repayment of their student loan.

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