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Insurance animal more popular than we think ?


Hubert Roy

September 16, 2019 09:30

Photo : Denis Méthot

According to the most recent report of the North American Pet Health Insurance Industryin 2017 in Canada, nearly a quarter of a million cats and dogs were receiving insurance coverage.

If that number seems huge to some, it represents only 1.5% of all cats and dogs in the country, noted theveterinary medical Association of Québec (AMVQ).

It is a statistic similar to that found in the United States (1 %). It is, however, markedly lower than the rate pet insurance company in France (6 %), Great Britain (35 %) or Sweden (80 %).

A national day

The AMVQ wants to know more the insurance product animal. To the point that she has devoted the date of 15 September as the national Day of the insurance animal, whose first edition was held yesterday.

Why 15 September ? Because it is this date that has been sold the first insurance coverage animal in Canada 30 years ago.

Citing the North American Pet Health Insurance Industry, the new owners acquiring a health insurance policy are rising very sharply, ” says the AMVQ. For the whole of North America, the growth in the number of policies sold was 15.7 % in 2017, 18 % in 2016 and 15 % in 2015. The dogs represent 86.7% of insurance sales in Canada.

Claims and compensation on the rise

The AMVQ says that to ensure an animal for a few dollars per week will help in planning of the budget necessary for the good care of his faithful companion. For example, in Canada in 2017, 401 829 claims were made by owners who have insured their pet. This represents an increase of 13.1% in terms of claims and 15.6 % for the reimbursement of costs relative to 2016.

“Too often, the financial inability of the owners of animals has a major impact on the decision to be taken in front of the medical costs related to health problems and unexpected accidents suffered by their animal. Euthanasia seems to be the only choice to decrease the cost of the invoice. The AMVQ is strongly believed that insurance reduced the number of euthanasias and offers good protection in case of illness or injury “, it said in a notice released to the media.

54 000 $ to care for a cat

Access to veterinary care in increasingly specialized can also increase the claims to unthinkable levels, indicates the AMVQ. For example, in 2017, the claim the more expensive in the United States was in for a chat. The siamese four-year-old suffered from effusion, peritoneal, and gastric dilatation. The sum of salaries amounted to 53 593 US$.

Closer to us, in Québec, the AMVQ recounts the case of Sophie Lavoie, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, has contracted an insurance for his dog, Charlie. Thus, when it was introduced last year in an emergency centre with his labrador three-year-old who has swallowed a foreign body, she saw her bill 4 703,77 $ reduced by 80 %, thanks to the insurance.

“A lot of the way to go when you realize that, if the quebec households are hosting 15.2% of all cats and dogs in Canada, they represent only 3.5 % of all those who are insured in the country “, adds the AMVQ.

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