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Insurance for pleasure craft : the creation of a registry of claims is desired


Justine Montminy

June 7, 2018 07:00

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To know if a boat has suffered a disaster is not the easiest thing in Quebec. Various stakeholders of the sector want to see the creation of a registry that would allow them to better understand the risk they face.

This registry would solve many other problems, they say. Particularly in relation to the theft of boats and identification of clients most at risk. At this time, insurers, wholesalers and brokers have been swimming virtually blind on these points. These would have in hand a database of boats to be insured.

Rola Nasser, director of operations and business development of Pacific Marine, believer in the virtues of the register of complaints. In an interview to the Journal of insurance, it stresses that the insurance of pleasure boats remains a product known. It tries to advance the idea of the registry.

As to ensure his pleasure boat, and is not compulsory in Quebec, to obtain data relating to claims is much more difficult, stresses Pierre Duchesne, coordinator, individual insurance at La Capitale general insurance. “We don’t have precise figures on the numbers of boats insured in the province. This is not like automobile insurance with the registration and the automobile insurance Corporation of Quebec (SAAQ). “

The director of the division of a quebec First Canadian Insurance, Shirley Gauthier, adds that although boat insurance is important, it is insurance that is linked above all to the pleasure. “It must be remembered that we take our boats for a short time in Quebec. The insurance becomes an investment for a few hours of sailing. “

Basis of the boats stolen

The director ofApril Marine Canada, Marie-Eve Paquette, believes that the registries would be a viable option. “It would be interesting to have it. From our side, we rather felt the need to have a database of boats stolen in Quebec. It would avoid that the boats are resold, and insured again. This happens unfortunately too often, ” she says. The wholesaler had also launched the idea in the spring of 2015, in the pages of the Journal of insurance.

According to the director of underwriting at GroupAssur Navy, Anabela Ponte, a registry would be much more relevant to protect insurers against the boats stolen. “We do not have a registry of serial numbers as in automobile insurance. If the customer reports a theft, it must rely on its good faith belief as to whether he is telling the truth. It would be nice to be able to have access to customer information via its licence number. In light of the claims that are linked, where applicable, we may adjust premiums. “

Rola Nasser is of the same opinion. For Pacific Navy, the creation of a registry would not only allow to know the number of the insured in Quebec. It would also identify the types of complaints and protect clients in high risk.

“In the long term such a registry would allow us to identify the types of claim. We will be able to target customers who have a tendency to do. The high risk with these customers would be better identified. We could try to create a standard a bit like the car insurance. It would assist us in the pricing of premiums. “She also invited the insurers, wholesalers and the government to work together in the creation of this registry.

Additional training recommended

Many insurers require that advisors and dealers have a good knowledge of boat insurance. Left to deliver additional training.

“At The Capital, we have teams dedicated to boat insurance. At large periods, we have people that deal with it. It is necessary to specific knowledge, ” says Pierre Duchesne.

As a wholesaler, April Marine does business with brokers and account on them to provide the right information to the customers. “These are not all the brokers who have knowledge in the boat. While sharing information through newsletters and on our Web site “, explains Marie-Eve Paquette. The director adds that it is essential to properly advise clients.

First Canadian Insurance organizes free seminars for dealers everywhere in Quebec. “The training is not necessarily on our products, but on the insurance of boats in general. We want to help brokers to fully know the types of ships, so that they can ask the right questions of their clients. We also present the different types of cover and conditions that exist for this type of insurance, ” explains Shirley Gauthier.

Pacific Marine offers a training course that explains the brokers, the types of losses, types of vessels, as well as the peculiarities of the blankets. “It is important to educate brokers on civil liability. For example, if a boat has a reversal of oil, the marina may be contaminated to the full. This kind of damage will not be covered by home insurance. It can happen to anyone, ” says Rola Nasser.

The importance of liability protection

It is possible to include his boat in his home insurance, but this type of insurance does not necessarily include the civil liability in case of damage. More and more wholesalers, and insurers offer insurance specifically designed for boats of all sizes.

“It is important to have a liability related to the boat. It is possible that we are hurting someone, for example, or that you can damage a dock. It is false to believe that the civil responsibilities of the home must take into consideration this kind of event, ” adds Marie-Eve Paquette.

At First, each boat is insured, even the most small boats, protection, pollution in addition to civil liability. “Each boat is automatically covered for civil liability to two million dollars and in pollution for a million dollars,” said Shirley Gauthier.

“Clean up a lake or a marina is very expensive. If it happens, the client will be happy to be insured, ” says Anabela Ponte, GroupAssur Navy.

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