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Insurance Group Vézina is leveraging its service, claims


Hubert Roy

October 16, 2018 07:00

How to stand out as a brokerage firm to stand out while designing the third iteration of its website ? Insurance Group Vézina has decided to focus on the processing of claims.

The firm revealed the figures which continue to amaze. It reveals that by 2017, the firm has handled 4 000 claims for compensation of the order of $ 23 million.

Francis Vézina, president of the Insurance Group Vézina, said that his team wanted to initiate a call to action, by renewing its website. “We wanted to dare ! Our first version was aimed primarily at us. In the second, we put the emphasis on the customer. Made in the third, we asked what really mattered to the customer. We do not believe that display our volume of business makes the customer choose us. This is the service that we offer which makes a difference for him. This is what we wanted to put forward. “

On the figures put forward, Mr. Vézina states that they may vary from one year to another. Good year, bad year, it is estimated that a brokerage firm pays to the claims representative on average the equivalent of half of the premiums underwritten in a year.

“It’s been ten years that we have a claims department within our firm. If one of our customers suffers a loss or made a claim, we followed up with him to ensure that everything goes well. It is this service that one wants to put forward. “

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