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Insurance in Europe : beware the Brexit, prevents a firm rating


Frédérique De Simone

13 February 2019 13:30

The imminence of Brexit is a real threat to insurers established in Europe, advance the firm’s credit rating Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

In a report entitled With European Insurers Well Positionned For Economic Uncertainty, the Focus Shifts to the Future, the analysts of S&P argue that the Brexit is their main concern, at least as it relates to loans that underwrite the insurers.

The Brexit will-t-it of rating downgrades of insurers? The analysts of S&P do not believe it. However, the development prospects of the industry as a whole could be revised downwards rather than the insurers individually.

They also point out that the insurance markets that have experienced significant growth in recent years are those of the scandinavian countries and switzerland. At the opposite, some are in decline, including the uk market, as well as those of France and the netherlands.

Attention to the technology

Always according to the progress of S&P, advances in technology threaten the traditional economic model of european insurers., the-newsletter-to-wall paying of the insurance Journal, will report in its Monday issue.


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