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Insurance sales through the Internet : a phenomenon that is marginal


Charles Mathieu

29th of March 2019 11:30

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Buying insurance online is growing in Quebec. Despite everything, this remains a purchasing behaviour marginal, one can read in the survey NETendances of the ORGANIZATION, published on Wednesday.

The component Services online banking the survey shows that the proportion of adults who have made the purchase of the end-to-end insurance quote for car or home has reached 10 % in 2018. This is an increase of 3 percentage points compared to 2017.

Nevertheless, 40 % of adults surveyed have shopped insurance quote online. In milléniaux, this proportion reaches 55 %. “This confirms that the milléniaux are fond of Web-based tools as much to banking as to shop towards the purchase of a insurance protection,” explains the ORGANIZATION.

The sites of insurers are gaining in popularity, the comparators in decline

The ORGANIZATION has also asked the consumers polled which platforms they consulted to get quotes online. Thus, they have favored in a proportion of 73 % the website of an insurance company. This is an increase of seven percentage points compared to last year.

As to the sites of comparison online, their use is declining by 5 percentage points. 48 % of Quebecers surveyed by the ORGANIZATION that have made use of aggregators on the type of ClicAssure.

The ORGANIZATION adds that about one in four that she surveyed used both options in their shopping.

Quebecers call their insurer first

The favorite channel of Quebecers in their insurance purchase process remains the phone. Thus, 69% of respondents have had as a first reflex to call their insurance company to get a quote. Watching online comes in second, in a proportion of 18 %.

In addition, the ORGANIZATION points out that mobile apps of insurance companies are little downloaded or used. This is 13 % of respondents who have installed the application to their insurer, and 9 % have used it.

“We note that quebec adults who use online banking are more likely to have downloaded (15 %) the mobile application to their insurer and to the use (11 %),” says the ORGANIZATION in its report.

For banking transactions, it is something else

The use of mobile applications and websites is a common practice when the time comes to carry out banking transactions.

The investigation of the ORGANIZATION shows that by 2018, 80% of Quebecers surveyed have used the Internet to carry out banking operations. It is a trend to increase, whereas for the past three years, this proportion increased by 15 percentage points.

“These results are in line with a level of trust to the increase of internet users “, one can read in the report. Nearly three-quarters of respondents are more trusting of the Web sites of their financial institutions than at any other Web site, allowing the realization of transactions.

Online purchases increase

In the section e-commerce in Quebec of the investigation, the ORGANIZATION estimates that $ 10.5 billion was spent by consumers in québec in 2018. This represents an increase of 27 percentage points from 2017.

Thus, 64 % of respondents have made at least one purchase on the Internet in 2018, with average monthly expenses of $293 per.

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