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Insurance Specialty Life invests a market in Quebec


Aurélia Morvan

July 9, 2019 09:30

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At the end of July, Insurance Specialty-Life (ASV), is launching three products at issue, simplified and guaranteed in Quebec. In addition to products insurance term to 100 (T100), ASV will add a critical illness insurance, an insurance fee, as well as a protection for death or dismemberment.

Present for more than two years in Quebec, Insurance Specialty, Life is not an insurer or a general agent, explains Angélique Fleury, its regional director of sales in Quebec. Its model is similar to that of Canada protection Plan, in which the products are underwritten by Foresters. In the case of ASV, its products T100 are subscribed to by ivari. The new products launched at the end of July the are by Chubb.

Ms. Fleury stated that the advisers to whom she announced the coming of these new products have responded well, particularly in regards to critical illness insurance. It will be offered in two ways, both in emission simplified.

The detail of the hedges in serious diseases

A first product will provide a maximum amount of $ 25,000. His show is guaranteed, and instant, no questions. The second will provide coverage up to $ 150,000. His show will be instant, with six questions of eligibility. The two products can cover up to 24 illnesses. They can be purchased by persons 18 to 69 years, which will be covered up to the age of 75 years.

Ms. Fleury asserts that the product of the ASV will allow advisors to offer critical illness insurance to all of their clients, including those who live with a serious illness or having suffered in the past. Like other insurers, ASV, however, are excluded the diseases that people have suffered in the past.

In addition, during the first two years of the contract, the client will not be indemnified for a covered critical illness if it is said because of a pre-existing condition. On the other hand, it will be compensated if this occurs two years after the subscription of the contract.

Two other products

The insurance death or dismemberment of ASV may be purchased by persons aged 18 to 69 years. They will be able to receive coverage up to $ 500,000 without question or prior medical examination, up to the age of 75 years.

As for the insurance of funeral expenses and final expenses, it may be purchased by persons aged 18 to 74 years of age. They will receive a coverage ranging from 5 000 $ to 25 000 $, without question or prior medical examination, up to the age of 100 years. If the death occurs before two years of the contract, only the amount of premiums paid will be paid.

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