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Insurance : the industry has been able to attract the milléniaux, claims to the insurance Institute


Hubert Roy

12 December 2018 13:30

Today, the insurance industry of damages was the face of a woman of 42 years old and no longer that of a man over 60 years of age. This is one of theinsurance Institute of Canada. The agency has commissioned two studies at the Conference Board of Canada, entitled demographic Analysis on the industry’s property and casualty insurance in Canada and The evolution of the workforce : implications of technological change for the insurance industry in Canada.

40 % of milléniaux

The studies reveal that 126 000 people working in the industry and that 40 % of them are from the generation of milléniaux. The proportion of milléniaux in the insurance industry of damages is higher than in other industries, in fact, noted the Conference Board in the studies commissioned by the Institute.

This presence is necessary, can it be read, because due to the technological innovations, the insurance industry needs people who have skills suited to environments that are in perpetual change.

The study reported profound changes shaking up of the insurance sector, while the milléniaux replace the babyboumeurs to the rank of a demographic group the most important part of the industry. The industry is in need of IT specialists, data and digital techniques to develop systems, analyze data, identify trends, and interpret mégadonnées.

Differentiate themselves through the customer experience

“In a world increasingly dominated by technology, the customer experience is rapidly becoming the main factor in enabling a business to stand out from others in the industry of property and casualty insurance “, concludes the Conference Board in its studies. “

Tomorrow : the Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance presents a plan for 2019

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