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insurers to brokerage little concerned about the rise of direct


Justine Montminy

20 July, 2018 07:00

Bruno Perrino, Jean-François Béliveau

Direct insurers represent a threat to the insurance brokerage business ? Not for the moment, believe the insurers interviewed by the Journal of the insurance on the issue.

“Direct insurers have a position in the segment of micro-enterprises, where the main differentiating factor is the premium. We continue to believe that customers in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) and large firms continue to value the notion of advice offered by brokers. Hence the importance of continuing to invest in the training and development of employees of brokerage firms “, said Claude Leboeuf, vice-president, underwriting, eastern Canada, Aviva Canada.

Ron Pavelack, vice-president, Québec ofStep, does not believe in the danger of the direct business insurance. “We should not put our heads in the sand and think that the direct do we compete with never. Personal insurance, they account for 60 % of the market. However, the insurance companies, it is complex. I don’t see how the direct will really make us competitive. “

Mr. Pavelack is also said to believe that the insurers of the companies sell a service, disaster in addition to the insurance policy. “The broker is there to supervise in case of disaster. In the case of a direct, it is known, the consumer is alone against a big corporation. “

Bruno Perrino, vice-president, insurance business, of The Unique general insurance, is of the same opinion. “Entrepreneurs are aware that they include little related to the insurance. They tend to choose an advisor, often a broker, who knows the market and who can help choose the insurer that best suits its needs. “

For Jean-François Béliveau, executive vice-president, Quebec region, of Northbridge, it is up to the insurers to brokerage to differentiate themselves and provide a better service. “Regardless of the distribution model, we have the same mission : to provide a solution to the customers in differentiating themselves and having a reasonable profit. Northbridge will continue with the brokerage network. It is up to us to develop better solutions and better products. “

Mr. Beliveau added that it is possible to draw on the model of straightforward in terms of simplicity. “It is possible that the Internet will become an extension of our tools to reach our customers more easily. We have interest to perceive the Internet as a lever rather than as a threat. “

At Intact Insurance, we care more about the rise of direct writers. “The issue is important. We are excessively preoccupied. We don’t want it to happen the same thing as with the individual insurance where the direct have taken over. The solution to the rise of the direct companies is in the quality of the customer experience, ” said its vice-president, insurance business, Arnaud Collinet.

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