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Insurers will not take any risk with their reputation !


Serge Therrien


Hubert Roy

9 March, 2018 09:45

Johanne Lamanque, Michel Laurin and Lyne Duhaime | Photos : Denis Méthot

For the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), CPOMA-Québec and the Corporation des assureurs direct de dommages du Québec (CADD), the assurance of fair treatment of consumers when purchasing via the Internet remains the reputation of the insurers. “Insurers will not take the risk of losing their reputation on the sale of a police force “, say their representatives.

Michel Laurin, president of the board of directors of the CADD, boasts the guideline of thefinancial markets Authority on sound commercial practices. “The Authority wants to ensure that the consumer is not injured. The fair treatment of the consumer is a very important point. We agree with this. The risk réputationnel is too important, ” he says.

Denis Côté, director general of the CADD, adds that there is no crisis of confidence in the insurance sector. “It is a competitive industry. Consumers are dealing with competent people, at a price that suits them. The price of automobile insurance in Quebec is the lowest in Canada, including the cost of the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ). Consumers can have confidence in the system is in place, as well as its healthy competition. It is good for the whole world. “

“The insurers are not doing what they want ! ”

Johanne Lamanque, vice-president, Québec, of the TRAY, also points out that the Authority had issued twenty guidelines for insurance companies. “They don’t do what they want ! They should ensure a fair treatment. This is something that we could not hear 20 years ago. Nobody wants to lose his reputation. “

This notion of equal treatment, adds Ms. Lamanque, called the insurer to satisfy the customer with the right product. But also, thereafter, to take the necessary steps to preserve it.

When the client is dissatisfied, he shall pay

Insurers have an interest to be careful, warns Lyne Duhaime, president of CLHIA Quebec. In life insurance, if the client is not satisfied, he or she does not pay the premium of his insurance policy the next month, she said. His insurance will then be terminated.

“This is not what wants to the insurer. If the consumer believes that the police no longer responds to his need, he let it lapse. The insurers will self-regulate. In the same vein, to distribute insurance via the Internet does not mean sell anything, anytime to anyone. The Authority shall have all the powers to regulate it, ” she says.

She adds that insurers will not be satisfied to offer a lower level of protection on the Web. “If they do it, people will buy less at a lower price. This is not beneficial. There is a part of the things that people will want to do on the Web. However, insurers will want to avoid a potential erosion of the market. They would want to retain their customers. “

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