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Intact care claims for sexual harassment in the eye


Andrea Lubeck

22 October 2018 09:30

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In a teleconference on the 1st of August last, held during the disclosure of results for the second quarter, Alain Lessard, senior vice-president of the sector of insurance business at Intact Insurance has indicated that the insurer kept the complaints related to sexual harassment in the eye.

He was responding to a question from an analyst about trends of losses in OneBeacon, the insurer u.s. specialty acquired in 2017 by Intact. Mr. Lessard stated that, although there has been a slight increase in the number of claims, the severity is low.

“There has been a frequency slightly higher for the last three quarters. Indeed, we have noted an increase in provisions for the first quarter. We do not anticipate, however, no major impact on our business, ” added Maude Savard-Kokinski, a spokesman for the insurer. The company has not disclosed to the Journal of insurance the total claims related to sexual harassment.

Employees in a position of vulnerability

Intact says continue to monitor these claims carefully, ” particularly with respect to defence costs, but we note that no significant trend for the moment “, says Ms. Savard-Kokinski.

The claims of sexual harassment occurred in the context of civil liability insurance in respect of employment practices. Intact said the importance of this risk, particularly in the sectors where employees are in a position of vulnerability.

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