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Intact creates a special product for a company of economy of sharing


Andrea Lubeck

May 17, 2018 11:30

Maxime Villemure

Intact Insurance has created a product especially for the business economy of sharing Sharebee, revealed its founder and CEO, Maxime Villemure. In an interview to the Journal of insurance, as such, he stated that he was not yet a partnership with the insurer, but the company is working on it.

“It is the first insurance policy of its kind in Canada, and even in the world with these rules. Our competitors in Europe do not have similar coverage, ” he said. The insurance policy covers up to $ 10,000 for property stored, $ 250, 000 for the space and $ 250,000 in civil liability, said Mr. Villemure.

Sharebee offers a platform where landlords and tenants can view or rent a storage space. Insurance is automatically added to the final rental price, without possibility for the renter to refuse protection.

A player “avant-garde”

“We wanted to do business with Intact, since it is one of the most innovative players and avant-garde of the industry and is well established in the economy of sharing by partnering with Uber and Turo. The agreement has taken some time to materialize, since Intact has mounted an insurance product from scratch, ” said Mr. Villemure.

Contacted by the Journal of insurance, Intact did not want to give more details on the partnership with Sharee.

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