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Internet sales : no question to go without a certified representative


Alain Thériault

February 15, 2018 07:00

Jean-Mathieu Sigouin | Photo : Studio K (Élodie Kergal)

To sell insurance products through the Internet is one of the projects oful Mutual. All should, however, be necessary to pass through a certified representative.

The insurer closes the door to sales without a representative, said its first vice-president of technology, Jean-Mathieu Sigouin. The site, which will lead to greater connectivity between the insurer and its advisers is expected to produce its first fruit in 2019, ” he said. The sale by the Internet is part of it, provided that it involves the advisor. Mr. Sigouin is not satisfied that the sales by the Internet is now a cost-effective approach. Even less so when it occurs without a representative.

“It is still early to speak of success in the market of insurance sales via the Internet. I walk in the Fintechs and InsurTechs. I see people who have gone there quickly. They arrived too early. The market is not ready for this, ” he says.

Mr. Sigouin does not deny that sales are realized. It does, however, doubt the return on current investment. It may be that the efficiency required to achieve profitability will be met by their players in the next three to five years, he said, but it remains to be seen. “For sale through the Internet with a representative, our strategy is to go in there cautiously, staying to listen to the needs of the market,” explained Mr. Sigouin.

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