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It snowed again in the United States



April 16, 2019 09:30

The North-american West has been another major winter storm, reports Aon in its weekly report of disasters Weekly Forecasting. The damage amounted in the hundreds of millions of us dollars.

The states of Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota have been affected by a mixture of heavy snow, gusts of wind, whose force was equivalent to hurricanes, freezing rain, storms and rainfall leading to flooding. These events took place between the 10 and 12 April.

Earlier in the week, the south-east of the country has suffered damage caused by tornadoes, hail and winds ” damaging “, emanating from a system of spring from the gulf of Mexico. The hailstones were the size of a golf ball, according to Aon. These events have also led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Billions of dollars of damage

This storm brings the total economic losses from winter to several billion dollars, according to a compilation of data provided by Aon. Only for the month of January, the damage had reached almost a billion dollars.

Several states were forced to declare a state of emergency last February. Several cities where it does snow not usually have received. This was notably the case of Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the second time in its history that it was snowing.

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