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Kronos acquires a provider of Web-based applications


Andrea Lubeck

June 5, 2018 13:30

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The software supplier for the sectors of insurance and investment, Kronos Technologies, has completed the acquisition of the company Arcbees, founded in 2010 and specialized in development of Web applications.

In an interview to the Journal of insurance, Kathleen Marcotte, strategist, marketing and communications at Kronos, explained that the transaction was made under the banner of Kronos rather than ofEquisoft because the offices of Arcbees are also located in the region of Quebec. “It was easier for the team Arcbees to integrate our offices by doing so. “

Develop more quickly

The transaction will enable Kronos to develop more products quickly. The Web developers of Arcbees have started to incorporate the offices of Kronos. Last April, Equisoft has acquired Kronos.

Kronos indicated having worked with the company several times over the years. “We have a long-standing partnership with Arcbees. The company has asked us to help and that is why we have decided to make the acquisition, ” added Ms. Marcotte.

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