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Legal expense insurance : a form of protection which remains unknown, according to DAS Canada


Justine Montminy

July 27, 2018 09:45

According to a study conducted by SOM and commissioned by DAS Canada, 61 per cent of Quebeckers do not know that there are guarantees of legal protection offered by the insurance companies.

In this study, DAS Canada is said to have a better understanding of the quebec public, underlines Lucie Morillon, responsible of the marketing. The company, which specializes in this market, is working to convince insurers and market intermediaries that legal expense insurance is an opportunity for them.

“The justice figure in the four most important values in the eyes of Quebecers. However, we realized that several did not know what to do in case of a dispute, ” Ms. Morillon.

More than a third encountered issues legal

Approximately 38 % of the respondents have already experienced one or more legal problems, and 61 % of them have had to ask for the help of a third party such as a lawyer in private practice, a legal aid clinic or other legal professional. Whereas 33 % are responsible for themselves and 6 % do nothing.

The respondents considered it to 73 % as the insurance of legal fees and legal clinics would be good ways to improve access to justice, and 56 % believe that it would be useful in a police housing. It is estimated that 50 % of the types of legal problems are associated with the automotive, 22 % in housing and 12% of the cases, they are related to the job.

Consequences on personal finances

The survey reveals that 65 % of the respondents felt that a legal problem would have important consequences on their personal finances. In effect, DAS is estimated the cost of a trial to approximately 10 000 $ and 90 % of respondents indicated that they paid out of pocket in the event of legal problems.

DAS Canada will continue to promote the results of its study in the coming months, as the company determines that the distribution thereof has not been sufficient. And thus better understand the legal expense insurance.



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