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Lussier Dale Parizeau and the Turquoise acquire volumes


Hubert Roy

10 June 2019 13:30

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Two transactions have been announced this morning in the damage insurance brokerage.

In a first time, turquoise has announced that the firm Assurances Godin, established in Saint-Sauveur and St-Donat, passes in her lap. This cabinet was led by Anne Robert and her three daughters.

“This acquisition allows us to confirm and solidify our position as a leader in the regions of Laurentides and Lanaudière. No change is anticipated since the firm retains its corporate name, its branches and all its employees. The structure of operations also remains the same to ensure a smooth and effective transition for employees and customers, ” said Turquoise in a shipment destined for the Journal of insurance.

With this acquisition, the volume of premiums of the Turquoise goes for $ 210 million ($M). The company has 14 business locations and employs 275 people.

Acquisition Laval Lussier Dale Parizeau, with antenna in Toronto

As for Lussier Dale Parizeau, it is the firm Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc, based in Laval, has been acquired. The transaction was closed on may 31. The Journal of insurance has learned the content today.

“Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc is a firm of insurance with a specific expertise in the bail of the construction and insurance construction site. This transaction allows us to consolidate our expertise in this specialized field, ” commented its CEO André Lussier.

He added that this transaction aligns with the vision of growth strategy and development Lussier Dale Parizeau. The company has more than 850 employees, spread across 29 branches and serves more than 160,000 customers. The firm now totals 475$ Million in premium volume.

The Laval location of Petrela, Murray, LeBlanc was headed by Gilles LeBlanc. The firm also has a branch in Toronto, directed by Gregory Petrela. The firm was founded in 1976 by Herbert M. Petrela, a former vice-president surety The Guarantee Company of North America.

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