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Make the advisors more efficient : the great challenge of general agents


Kate McCaffery

25 July 2018 07:00

Sean Kilburn, John Hamilton

The effectiveness of councillors is a priority for many companies, both insurers and general agents. Two industry leaders are testimony to this.

“If we look at the way in which technology is transforming our current business, we can see that there will probably be fewer advisers to look after blocks of business. They will, however, be larger. These advisors will build on the technology to be more productive. They will spend less time doing administration and prospecting and advising clients, ” says Sean Kilburn, senior vice-president, individual markets, Empire Life.

The sale of products simplified is part of this perspective. The insurance companies continue to invest in the products more flexible and easier to sell.

“The consumer is changing a lot. The industry must adapt, writes John Hamilton, president and founder of financial Group Horizons. There are sales single that we need to make it even more simple. It is necessary to have in place systems which will allow not to spend too much time. The insurance coverage more extensive and large-scale will continue to require a work-of-sale. For some term policies, the adviser will not have to travel around the city for a sale that pays 25 $. “

Mr. Hamilton stated that the consumer can already buy anything he wants on Amazon. “In our field, we need to be able to offer the same ease to the purchase of our products — those who are very simple — almost online. This is not only a challenge of general agents. It is a challenge for the industry. ”

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