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Manulife is committed to helping 100 million people to be more active by 2025



29 November 2018 11:30

Photo : Filip Mroz (Unsplash)

The executives of Manulife and John Hancock, have signed a commitment to help 100 million people in the world to be 20 % more active by 2025. This commitment, taken by Roy Gori, president and chief executive officer of Manulife, Mike Doughty, president and chief executive officer of Manulife Canada and Marianne Harrison, chief executive officer of John Hancock, was signed with Vitality, the company that offers the platform for the Vitality program of the insurer.

A study by RAND Europe, conducted among 400 000 people in the United States, the United Kingdom and in South Africa, revealed that people who wear a watch connected and participating in the Vitality program are 34 % more physical activity than those who do not carry. This is equivalent to 4.8 additional days of physical activity per month. The research has been funded by Vitality.

“A long-term impact”

“The research of RAND proves that the experience of our customers to this day, will have a long-term impact, said Ms. Harrison. The people involved can take small steps daily to improve their overall health and a life insurance company can help them in this way. We are fully committed to this principle and our commitment today will further strengthen our commitment daring to give people the tools they need to live longer and in better health. “

The results of the study have also indicated that the number of active days has increased by nearly 31 %. The participants who had the highest level of inactivity, and body mass index improved more than other groups, increasing their physical activity to 200 % in the United States. In addition, the days of physical activity at high-intensity increased by 52 %.

Available to canadian clients in collective

Last week, Manulife financial announced that all of its group insurance clients will have access to the Vitality programme free of charge. At the end of the deployment, which will be in from next spring, this will represent 1.4 million people in Canada.

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