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Manulife offers new services in the group insurance


Andrea Lubeck

May 9, 2019 11:30

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Manulife has put in place a program for the management of opioids in the hope of prevention and early intervention to those who need these drugs. This initiative is part of a broader commitment to ” transform the experience of the group insurance in Canada “, the details of which were unveiled yesterday by the insurer.

“Canada is currently experiencing a crisis of opioids. Eleven people die every day as a result of an overdose. It is important to have custom solutions, that is why Manulife has developed a program for the management of opioid consumption in two steps focusing on prevention and early intervention, ” explains the insurer by way of a press release.

Two steps

The first step of the program is to ensure that patients who must initiate treatment with opioids have short-term provisions.

The second is to encourage the use of opioids with short duration of action. “Both of these steps combined allow for a early surveillance of adverse events, risk tolerance, and dependence, helping to reduce the risk of chronic use,” says Manulife.

“In the current context, we believe that it is necessary to promote the responsible and safe use of opioids, especially to the people who are prescribing for the first time, or who do not consume regularly, adds Richard Payette, president and chief executive officer of Manulife Québec. We hope our holistic approach will help our clients to recover their health quickly and reduce the risk of developing an addiction or other health problem caused by excessive consumption of drugs. When the number of participants who need continuing treatment to the long-term is less expensive, the cost of their prescription drug insurance plan and the costs of potential support for a dependence was also found to decrease. “

Use the genes for the drugs

The insurer has revealed that they currently work on a program that uses the genes to determine the body’s reaction of a person to medicines, especially those used for depression, pain or anxiety.

Manulife cites the “period of frustrating trial trial and error” to justify this program. The company raises 50 % of the drugs end up not being used due to unpleasant side effects.

The preliminary results of the program Manulife have shown that 51 % of the orders have been changed (change of dosage or medication) after genetic testing. The insurer said continue the pilot program.

Similar initiatives have been implemented by other insurers, including with the provider biogenic. This is the case of SSQ Insurance, which has decided to offer a genetic test to its group insurance clients in disability due to a diagnosis of depression.

This practice, called pharmacogenomics, allows you to select the medicines that are compatible with the genes of the patient by studying his DNA directly.

Manulife has not disclosed the name of his supplier of pharmacogenomics.

Medicine online

The participants in the group insurance plan and benefits Manulife also have access to a platform of online health care. This platform, the company Akira Health, allows an employee to use tools, medical consultation

Vitality is now available to all customers in a collective

Finally, the Vitality program of Manulife, which encourages the participants to do activities health, is now available to all customers benefits.

The insurer had made the announcement in November 2018. It was also revealed to have signed an undertaking with leaders worldwide to help ensure that 100 million people enhance their physical activity levels by 2025.

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