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Manulife removes 700 Canadian jobs and is restructuring its activities


Andrea Lubeck

21 June 2018 13:30

Michael Doughty

Manulife Canada removes 700 jobs across the country over the next 18 months, she announced. This cut-off occurs and the insurer has indicated to proceed to a restructuring of its canadian operations and launched a program scan, resulting in the consolidation of several administrative functions

Questioned by the Journal of insurance, a spokesman for Manulife, Anne-Julie Gratton, has not specified how many jobs will be affected in Quebec, because the insurer intends to achieve the target of 700 jobs through a voluntary retirement program and attrition natural ” in many locations, including the province of Quebec “.

Optimize operations

Manulife said they want to consolidate, and digitize administrative functions, optimize the used space by its headquarters in Kitchener-Waterloo by combining in a same building, in addition to reclassify its existing employees and to hire others with expertise in digital and redirect the customer experience across all its sectors of activity.

More concretely, the insurer shall account to scan and automate the transactions of existing customers and consolidate other administrative functions in their areas of expertise.

Adapt to the technology

“People have adopted the technology in most aspects of their lives and they expect their financial services providers do just as much and in providing products and services that are simple, intuitive and personalized experience that meet their needs,” said Michael Doughty, president and chief executive officer, Manulife Canada.

“Our industry has not adapted as quickly to this change. We are transforming our business in order to become a leader in customer-focused ; we will be paying special attention to digital innovation and operational efficiency to ensure we remain competitive and enable customers to do business more easily with us “, he added.

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