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Manulife will make Vitality at a larger scale


Alain Thériault

March 16, 2018 13:30

Richard Payette, president and chief executive officer, Manulife Québec, the olympic gold medalist, Bruny Surin, and Guy Couture, vice-president, Insurance, Manulife Quebec

The Vitality program has enjoyed such success that Manulife will incorporate in all of its insurance products temporary. The insurer made the announcement Monday, when he began organizing an event to promote Vitality. The olympic champion Bruny Surin was the party to extol the virtues of physical activity to the financial advisors also present.

Vitality reward policyholders who adopt a healthy lifestyle by allowing them to collect points through activities health : physical exercise, medical examination, flu vaccine, and many others. They can use their points, measured with a watch, Garmin offered an office in the physical activities, to reduce the cost of their life insurance.

At the outset, the insured, all benefit from a discount equivalent to 10 % of what they would have cost a Temporary insurance coverage normal Family. They can keep the rebate if they have, or reach the Gold level, or even increase it if they have or attain the Platinum level. Even if they do not accumulate points that would allow them to reach higher levels, the insured Silver-level and Bronze will still be able to keep their discounts for a number of years.


Product the best selling

The program is working well in Quebec. At the point where the insurance product Temporary Family 20 years with the Vitality program has become the largest selling product in its category, revealed Guy Couture, vice-president, insurance, Manulife Québec, in the Journal of the insurance.

Richard Payette, president and chief executive officer, Manulife Québec, adds that Vitality presents an opportunity, both for his company and for the advisors to have other conversations with clients, by the results of the insured. After the sale, the team at Manulife Vitality supports the program, said Mr. Payette.

The adviser could then be called upon to answer questions about the operation of the program, the different partners and the awarding of points. This approach, which he characterizes as focused on the dialogue, will according to him the advisor to strengthen its ties with customers, which allows them to play a more active role.

Of the insured more active

“The majority of customers have changed their habits, the most earned points and have improved in their status, revealed Guy Couture in the Journal of the insurance. The Bronze and Silver levels, we can see that the customers focus more on prevention and that the levels Gold and Platinum, clients further integrate a certain level of physical activity, ” he says.

Also, if they take advantage of the offer ofExam One by doing online analysis Health Vitality, clients have the opportunity to earn 4 500 points. If the customer is a non-smoker, one adds 1,000 points. “In the first year of the contract, it is relatively simple to accumulate 7,000 points to reach the GOLD level,” says Mr. Couture.

In addition, it is possible to harvest 1 500 points for fiscal years measured with his watch, Garmin, readings on the Web site of Vitality and an annual visit to the dentist. “Policyholders will be able to earn points for physical activity by just going for a walk everyday “, he adds.


Extensions to come

Mr. Couture has revealed during this event that the Vitality program will eventually be extended to all insurance products temporary. Mr. Payette noted that new partners will join soon to the program. The following account, among others, as partners of the firm paramedical Exam One, énergie Cardio, and Garmin.

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