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Many firms joining The Capital


Justine Montminy

October 18, 2018 07:00

Among the new firms, many are those who chose to join La Capitale general insurance.

For Ianina Galvez Rojas and Sylvain Verrier, the owners of the Insurance Vega, join The Capital was synonymous with safety. “Seeing everything that happens in the middle, among brokers and agents, we wanted to give customers the choice, but still be supervised. We want to give the security of the direct and the security that the broker gives. We wanted a firm to be self-sufficient, ” says Ms. Rojas.

This latter has a course that differs from that of these colleagues, ” she says. Ms. Rojas has worked in the past in the midst of car dealers and financial services. “It changes the service that I give. I can give advice that is relevant and different in car or home, as I worked in automotive for 17 years and also in the middle of the mortgages. The clients take me sometimes for a director account “, she says.

Although it is the exclusive partner to The Capital, Ms. Rojas says that there is a beautiful friendship between the brokers and the agents. “If one of my clients wants something other than what I suggested to him, it happens that we do business with our partners. Contrary to what some may think, there are a lot of mutual support between the brokers and the agents, ” she says.

Registered since December, Insurance Maxime Poitras, already has three employees. Its owner, Maxime Poitras, has based its strategy on the expansion. “Our goal was to accommodate employees, since the more one is, the more we can sell “, he explains. His firm also relies on the speed and efficiency, but especially the simplicity in the explanations of insurance products, ” said Mr. Poitras.

It is returning from a maternity leave thatAndréanne Dubois decided to found his own firm that bears his name : Insurance Andréanne Dubois. Agent of insurance since 2011, she was in search of new challenges. “I was ready to fly with my own wings. I’m an officer, because I like the freedom that it brings me, ” says Ms. Dubois. Open since may, the firm operates in damage to individuals, but also commercial.

Martin Craig was also in search of more autonomy. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Founding my firm has always been my goal. I want to stand out and offer a personalized service to the maximum. “

Located in the Outaouais region, Insurance Martin Craig, offers specialized products for the leisure, recreational vehicles, cottages and bikes. Mr. Craig is currently the sole employee of his firm, but says it aims to grow and have a team eventually.

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