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Marc Giguère will lead M@gik-Net, just acquired by ul Mutual


Alain Thériault

27 August 2018 13:30

Marc Giguère and Christian Mercier

Marc Giguère has been appointed general manager of M@gik-Net, a developer of management platform of collective insurance, acquired a week earlier by ul Mutual. Previously, he was in the service of Novus Health, as vice-president, business development.

“We selected Marc at the end of a rigorous selection process. His outstanding expertise will allow us to continue on a new momentum, ” explained Christian Mercier, president and CEO of ul Mutual, in an interview with the Journal of insurance. Mr. Giguere has over 20 years of experience in the design, development and management of technology platforms and support services, both in the insurance sector, as individual as collective. He has previously worked for Desjardins Financial Security and Assistel.

Also in the interview, the principal stated that there is a beautiful continuity to it. “I left the Novus Health after the development of several initiatives in assistance, services and health care, and collective, a sector in a state of flux. “Mr. Giguère said he will regularly shuttle between Rimouski, Montreal, Quebec city and the regions. Rimouski will continue to be the place of the registered office of the company.

Well-kept Secret

The current leader will retire eventually. “I am very glad that Mark took the reins of M@gik-Net. It has the expertise it takes to lead the technology solutions that we have developed even further, ” said Serge Tremblay, founder of M@gik-Net. Mr. Tremblay will accompany the new director-general throughout the process of transition.

Mr. Giguere noted that Mr Tremblay, founder of the firm, will remain a consultant strategic after this transition, which should last, according to him, a few months. “Serge continues to play a strategic role. He wanted to make sure to have a financial partner before leaving the management, to ensure the sustainability of its business, and also to pursue other projects. Thanks to the financial participation of ul Mutual, we will grow and learn more this well-kept secret that is M@gik-Net “, said Mr. Giguère.

Christian Mercier is said to have developed a close working relationship with Serge Tremblay learning to appreciate its technological platform, so that ul Mutual is reviewing its computer systems from the inside out. “M@gik-Net came to a crossroads where the leverage was necessary to ensure the development and growth,” said Mr. Mercier. The opportunity is created and it is now important to take advantage of it. “

Completely self-contained

Strategic partner and financial M@gik-Net, UV Mutual indicates that the firm’s newly acquired retains its full autonomy, and is continuing its operations with the same team in Rimouski. “We wanted to give a second breath to the development of M@gik-net becoming its financial partner, but next to governance, we wanted to keep our distance. This is why we have created a subsidiary which in turn acquired M@gik-net “, explained Christian Mercier.

This means for Mr. Mercier that ul Mutual will not have access to the data of the company, which deals inter alia with brokers who have relationships with other insurers. “We have a policy of privacy, and have created a fire wall between our insurance company and M@gik-net,” he said.

Development outside Québec

M@gik-net work in the area of technology solutions for almost 20 years, and aligns currently a team of a dozen people, says Marc Giguère. She became known throughout Quebec thanks to its technological platform and management of premiums and payments in the market of insurance.

Over the years, she has developed various areas of expertise : data center management with more than 200 servers ; customer support ; and outsourcing it for many SMES in Quebec. Its customers manage the portfolio of 5,000 companies, which has a total premium volume of $ 350 million.

Explore new horizons

Marc Giguère now look to other horizons. He wants to accentuate the company’s presence in Quebec, but also wants to take a walk outside. “We want to showcase the expertise of the company, find new customers and develop the business outside of Quebec in a near future, to increase our presence. The platform is already adapted to the regulation of other provinces. “

M@gik-net is provider of UV Mutual, but neither Mr. Giguère nor Mr. Mercier does not exclude that M@gik-net to work with other insurers. “This is part of the expertise that I bring, developed with brokers, third party administrators and third party payers, relationship with insurers,” said Marc Giguère. For the time being, the company is not a direct provider of any other insurer.

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