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Market share : the brokerage limit the losses


Hubert Roy

September 28, 2018 07:00

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The brokerage has lost the market to the benefit of insurers by 2017. The loss is however lower than that occurring in 2016.

All business segments combined, the brokerage has lost 0,22 percentage point of market of damage insurance in Quebec. In 2016, its decline was 1.34 percentage points.

December 31, 2017, the brokerage had a 52.6 per cent of the quebec market. Direct insurers have a share of 47,39 %.

There is that in a sector of activity that the loss of the brokerage is marred, that is, the auto insurance companies. Its decline is 2.22 percentage points. Its market share is at 77.7 %, compared to close to 80 % a year earlier.

Otherwise, in insurance companies, this is the status quo. The two methods of distribution to maintain their respective share. The brokerage retains a share of 78.9 %, the 21 % of the remaining going to the insurers direct. In 2016, the insurers had delighted 1 percentage point of market brokerage.

In personal insurance, the two modes of distribution have struggled to farm. To the point that the brokerage has delighted a few percentage points (0,07) share of the market to insurers for home insurance. In motor insurance, the brokerage has suffered a new decline, for the third year in a row. The last win of the brokers in this business segment goes back to 2015.

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