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Martel&Martel is restructuring its activities



17 September 2019 13:30

Richard Martel and Anne Martel, co-chairs of Martel & Martel Insurance business and collective

The firm of Martel&Martel is restructuring its operations by selling its portfolio in the property and casualty insurance to Rise Insurance. The company is now focused on the insurance industry’s collective and adds the provision of expert advice in risk management.

“We are pleased to announce that the customers we have served over all these years is between good hands, Essor Insurance is a firm that enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. We were close to our customers to which we were dedicated. It was very important to us that they are supported by a firm that shares our philosophy and our values “, underlines Anne Martel, co-chair of the commercial division of Martel&Martel, by way of a press release.

Acquisition and partnership

As well, Anne Martel remains within the cabinet, but now occupies the position of expert in management of risk. Richard Martel becomes president of Martel&Martel, and welcomes a new partner, Jean-Pierre Le Gresley, who held the position of director of the health innovation collective.

Moreover, Martel&Martel also announced that it has acquired the firm in group insurance Laniel Group Board.

“The expertise of our two firms is already highly respected in the community. We share the same vision of group insurance plans more transparent and more economical for businesses and their employees. For us, it had a lot of sense to join forces, ” says Richard Martel.

Finally, the firm announces that it joins Assante Perspective in order to ” provide solutions by planning and financial services for groups, associations and entrepreneurs.”

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