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Maya Raic leaves the Room


Hubert Roy

29 June, 2018 13:50

Maya Raic | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Thunderclap in damage insurance in Québec. Maya Raic leave his function as CEO of the Chamber of damage insurance.

According to the Journal of insurance has learned, it is the board of directors has decided these changes. Always according to our sources, the employees of the Chamber have been notified this morning, without further explanation.

Maya Raic) has been the only CEO in the history of the House, since its creation. If you add together his past experiences, Mrs. Raic has spent 23 years of her career in regulatory bodies in the property and casualty insurance.

In a notice issued in the early afternoon, the board of directors has noted the “dedication and commitment supported” Maya Raic ” in order to successfully carry out the mission of protecting the public “. The council also wished to highlight ” a special mention for its mobilization in the framework of the project of act 141, which has modernized the set of laws governing the financial sector and which has ensured the sustainability of the organization. “

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