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Medavie Blue cross is launching a pilot project aiming to offer a psychotherapy virtual



October 15, 2018 09:30

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Medavie Blue cross is launching a pilot project with group health Medaca to offer to its participants in a group insurance plan therapy, cognitive behavioral (CBT) virtual.

The members of the plan who received a diagnosis of anxiety or depression will be able to receive therapy from an accredited professional from their phone or their computer. The communication with the therapist is done by video. This is in addition to instant messaging, and duties that can be shared during the session.

Psychological treatments and pharmacological

“To our knowledge, this is the only early intervention service in North America, integrating of psychological treatments and pharmacological, through consultations between doctors, argues Marc Avaria, vice-president, management of life and disability insurance, Medavie Blue Cross. The integration of these two treatment modalities is essential to the success of the delivery of care and effective treatments for most mental illnesses. “

Mr. Avaria said that the new therapy offered by the Internet should not replace therapy sessions traditional, in-person. Rather, it is an additional option of offering to members of the regime, a convenient alternative to in-person visits.

“In short, the mental health care is to their liking,” he says.

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