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Medical insurance travel : Canadians satisfied despite higher expectations


Justine Montminy

June 28, 2018 09:45

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In the course of the last year, 91 % of Canadians reported being satisfied with their experience in claim insurance medical travel, from the first contact to the final result, according to a survey conducted by Pollara and commissioned by the canadian Association of financial institutions in insurance (ACIFA).

In case of a claim, 85 % of the applicants have suggested that the experience of their claims corresponded to what had been explained during the initial contact. Approximately 89 % of the people surveyed felt that the experience was positive and was, in conformity with their expectations (75 %) or either exceed (14 %).

Complaints about the processing time

Approximately 98% of Canadians who have made claims in the framework of the medical insurance for the trip were said to have been fully or partially paid, compared to 2 % of the requests were denied.

However, 31 % of the applicants complained of the experience of loss, more particularly as regards the period of application processing and the lack of clarity with respect to the criteria. This figure is declining because in the last results obtained by cafii in 2015, that number had risen to 38 %.

The factors that influence the choice of the insurance

At the time of choosing medical insurance coverage travel, six factors influence the decision-making, according to the survey, the strengths and benefits (87 % versus 86 % in 2015), the total amount of coverage (85 %, not asked in 2015), the fact of being able to talk to someone (83 % compared to 81 % in 2015), the price (81 % compared to 76% in 2015), the facility to make the purchase (77 % vs. 70 % in 2015) and the cover for the assignments of pre-existing (71 % compared to 66 % in 2015).

The increase of the importance of these factors in comparison to 2015 suggests that consumers ‘ expectations are higher, according to cafii. “Consumers are putting the bar higher and higher, in terms of their expectations as to insurance policies, in terms of the strengths of the product, quality of service and value,” said its co-general manager, Keith Martin.

Mr. Martin confirmed to the Journal of insurance that 34 % of consumers purchase medical insurance online travel, compared to 32 % by telephone, 30 % oral and 4 % in another way.

Canadians understand well the terms and conditions

The survey reports that the Canadians say they have a good understanding of the terms, conditions, and limitations of the coverage of the medical insurance for the trip, the amount of coverage and persons to contact in case of emergency. At the time to buy their police, 89 % felt that their knowledge was adequate, and 89 % also reported to have at least some notions of the limits and exclusions of their insurance policy.

According to cafii, Canadians trust their medical insurance travel, with 87 per cent were confident that they would receive the quality of service they expected. In addition, 90 % were confident that they would receive the help they need, and 86 % provided a refund to cover the cost of the emergency medical-related travel, in accordance with their insurance policy.

The poll by Pollara was conducted online among 1,200 Canadian adults, between 16 February and 5 march 2018.

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