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Mercer chooses Wealthsimple for a digital product investment savings


Charles Mathieu

10 July 2019 11:30

The consulting firm Mercer has teamed up with the robot-adviser Wealthsimple to launch Mercer Savings Smart, a new digital product investment savings. The product, offered to employers and their employees, will allow them to “manage their personal finances, including their retirement savings,” says Mercer.

The consulting firm says the tool will enable organizations to remain competitive in regards to benefits offered to employees.

“It is an alternative to the limited options to the high fees offered on the retail market for all those who wish to save more and in an affordable way, and make the transition simple and easy into retirement with confidence,” said Jean-Philippe Provost, a principal member of the partnership and in charge of the domain assets of Mercer Canada.

Mercer Savings Smart allows you to manage several savings accounts, including TFSAS, RRSPS and RESPS.

Reduce the anxiety of workers

Yanick Chainey, a member of the partnership, the head of the field assets, Quebec, at Mercer, indicates that almost half of canadian workers are concerned about their financial situation. According to him, the fact of putting money aside for emergencies and save for the purchase of a home, for the education of their children and for retirement is a source of concern for the canadian employees.

Mercer says that the solution will avoid the pension contributions of employees are interrupted when they decide to take extended leave. In addition, the numerical solution will also ensure the management of the various retirement savings accounts of employees when they ” are preparing to leave active life “.

“By collaborating with Mercer for the launch of Mercer Savings Smart, we are able to provide products savings and investment plan for employees, regardless of their place of work or the amounts that they are able to invest,” says Michael Katchen, CEO and co-founder of Wealthsimple.

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