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Michelin wishes to accumulate data on the conduct in Québec


Charles Mathieu

June 7, 2019 13:30

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The Michelin Group and its accumulation of data on drivers, the Data to Intelligence (DDI), announced at the Summit Movin’they launched the program Better Driving Community in Quebec.

This allows Michelin to collect data on the driving habits of the participants, using telematics.

The data collected allow, according to the company, to offer a “security belt” digital enhancing behaviours, as well as the quality of vehicles and roads.

The data will be secured and will remain confidential, said Jerome Charachon, director general of DDI, at a press conference.

A voluntary program

The initiative, which has already been launched in France, has for objective to gather ” registered driver “, on a voluntary basis. The program, according to Michelin, to improve safety on the roads.

“This approach is mobilizing in France, and now, she is in Quebec, said Jerome Charachon. The whole will positively impact the mobility in the region. It is up to us to be a part of this community. “

At the end of the summer in Quebec

Mr. Charachon said that the Better Driving Community in Quebec will commence after the summer period from about 20 000 drivers of the province, and that this will commence after the summer period.

To contribute, volunteers need to download the application on their phone and install a metal box on their vehicle that allows you to accumulate the information.

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