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Mitigate the risks to create jobs and value


Frédérique De Simone

June 11, 2019 09:30

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The technology affects and changes the way companies interact with their customers and the products they make available to them. These are more personalized and better tailored to their needs.

The technological advances bring new challenges, such as cyber security, which is to be found in all businesses, particularly the larger, ” explains Antonio Huertas, chairman and ceo of MAPFRE Insurance, during his closing remarks at the 26th international Conference on global risks, in Salamanca, Spain.

“Innovation is an integral part of the world of insurance and help us become an industry streamlined, advanced, and effective,” said Mr Huertas, in his speech of 7 June.

The industry must adapt

The great strides made by this new reality oblige the insurance sector to not only adapt to these changes, but also anticipate other risks and seize the opportunities that arise to provide an excellent value proposition to customers, ” he adds.

“The speed of the change should not hinder economic and social development. The insurance will mitigate any type of risk to enable businesses to create jobs and to create value for the company “, said Antonio Huertas, emphasizing the innovative character of the insurance, which is inherent to this area for decades.

“Insurance is an industry that reinvents itself constantly and offers innovative solutions that are adapted to the new needs of the market, while focusing on the two key strengths of our business : the customer and the return on investment,” he says.

Turn to promote growth and improve the profitability : this is the word of order to Mr. Huertas, who unveiled the slogan of the new strategic plan envisaged by MAPFRE.

Riu hotels sacred champion

The event on global risks, which took place from 5 to 7 June, brought together 400 leaders in the risk management of 25 different countries. The Riu Hotels & Resorts have been awarded the first international award for excellence in risk management, their policies and culture management, prevention and protection of risks. The objective of this award is to make it a reference in the sector of large risks.

Several topical issues were also discussed, such as the chain block, the use of drones in different areas, the management of risks during the construction of major infrastructure, such as a metro line, and the trends of insurance in different markets.

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