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More than 300 graduates of the INSTITUT



May 9, 2019 09:30

From left to right : Jocelyne Houle-LeSarge, president, director general and secretary of the IQPF; Julie Raîche, president of the council; Martine cinq-Mars, the recipient of the scholarship, Editions Yvon Blais; Shauna McKee, recipient of the award IQPF; Thierry Daniel Gréaux, scholarship recipient Charles-Pelletier – RBC Royal Bank; Thomas Dumont, recipient of the award IQPF; Alexander Cordisco, the recipient of the fellowship IQPF; Lorena Biason, vice-president, financial planning, RBC Royal Bank; Me Marie-Noëlle Guay, Director of development publications, Éditions Yvon Blais

TheInstitut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) has welcomed 341 new graduates as a financial planner at a graduation ceremony held on may 4.

The event was held under the honorary presidency of Lorena Biason, vice-president, financial planning at RBC Royal Bank.

“Do business with a planner, a graduate of the INSTITUT, it is synonym of trust, it is to do business with a professional of the highest caliber who knows how to take account of the constraints and objectives of his client,” said Ms. Biason.

“The financial industry needs you, the IQPF has need of you, but, more importantly, Quebecers have need of you ! You are up and I’m convinced that you bring with you innovative ideas that will contribute to the vitality of our profession and to shape the future of financial planning, ” stresses Julie Raîche, president of the board of directors of the IQPF.

Among the new graduates, 6 % are working in the insurance sector, 45 % in the financial institutions, 34 % in the sector of investment and 15% in other categories.

Three scholarships

In addition, three scholarships were presented during the ceremony. Thierry Daniel Gréaux, Signature Service of the patriots, has been awarded the scholarship, Charles-Pelletier – RBC Royal Bank. This scholarship is awarded to the person who has obtained the best note. Mr. Gréaux has obtained a score of 92 %.

The scholarship Edition Yvon Blais has been awarded to Martine cinq-Mars, d’IG wealth Management, for earning the second highest score of 91 %.

Finally, the exchange IQPF has been awarded to three graduates who have all obtained the third best score of 90 %. This isAlexander Cordisco ge wealth Management, Thomas Dumont, BMO Bank of Montreal, and Shauna McKee, National Bank of Canada.

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