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More than 300 stolen vehicles were intercepted by the authorities canadian port in 2017


Andrea Lubeck

April 5, 2018 07:00

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In 2017, the canadian port authorities intercepted 316 stolen vehicles at the ports of Montreal and Halifax. In total, these vehicles are worth 12 million dollars (M$).

Theborder services Agency of Canada has also flushed parts of stolen cars with a value totalling $ 203 000 $ in 2017. It is here that vehicles have been intercepted. The actual value of the stolen vehicles and exported is difficult to assess.

Freddy Marcantonio, vice-president, business development and retail at Tag, business vehicle tracking, reports that the criminal networks are proving to be companies number well-organized can save a annual turnover of 20 million dollars, as well as the auto theft to finance other criminal activities of these networks.

“Everyone in the company has its function. One is a grocery list of vehicles that are in demand, and the other establishes the link between the network and the thieves, and another handles all of the export. Each of them has employees. These networks have contacts everywhere in the world “, reveals Mr. Marcantonio.

He adds that although these networks are dismantled, they are replenishing as soon as another company to numbers. Leaders are never arrested, as they use nominees. “One of our biggest disappointments as a company is that these networks operate and will always operate “, he laments.

According to Mr. Marcantonio, this phenomenon persists because the justice system is too severe for these criminals. “In Quebec, stealing a vehicle is also serious in the eyes of justice than stealing a razor in a pharmacy ! “

More profitable export

Freddy Marcantonio explains the reason for the thieves to export the vehicle : it is much more cost effective than cut them and resell the parts. First, for export, the thieves only need to rent a warehouse for a few weeks, the time to prepare the documents, but when it flies to sell the parts, it should be a workshop and garage full time, in addition to an inventory of parts to supply the network. He also points out that the insurers have put processes in place that make it more difficult for these criminal networks providing stolen parts in the repair shop recognized by the industry.

In addition, the value of the vehicle would double, especially when sold in countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Combined costs minimal, that Mr. Marcantonio estimated at $ 5,000, the profits are so more interesting for networks.

Mr. Marcantonio explained that the export of coins is a new phenomenon observed in the ports of canadian seafood. “If the vehicles are worth double their value in countries where thieves are exporting, the parts also. It is almost impossible to determine what parts are stolen and what parts are not in a container, since they are mixed. If the stolen parts are usually placed at the back of a container, nobody is going to take the time to check them one at a time. “

A pied-à-terre at the Port of Montreal

Moreover, Mr. Marcantonio has revealed that Tag has installed sites at the port of Montreal, called ” gravitons “. They allow the company to react more quickly when a theft is reported, and the vehicle is detected at the port.

“We are able to recover vehicles thanks to our collaboration with the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), which the teams use dedicated tools to Tag,” Mr. Marcantonio.

The company has recently returned to a vehicle brand Mercedes-Benz evaluated to 125 000 $. If the TRAY is not the entity that is able to determine which container is to be opened, the technicians use ” magic wands “, which detect the receptors placed by Tag when they are activated to retrieve the vehicle.

It is then a Tag that indicates to the canada border services Agency what is the container must be opened, which in turn obtains a warrant from the court to proceed with the opening. Mr. Marcantonio evaluates to $ 100,000, the cost of opening a container. “Then we need to be certain that the container that we open is good ! “

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