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Motorists are more distracted than ever in Canada


Charles Mathieu

May 30, 2019 09:30

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A large majority of drivers are distracted behind the wheel and know that this can cost a lot. This is what reveals a survey commissioned by the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) with the firm SOM Inc.

The results indicate that, during the last six months, nearly 75 % of respondents have been distracted at the wheel. However, 90 % of Canadians surveyed responded that they knew that accidents related to distractions increase auto insurance premiums. “We were very surprised [to learn],” said Anne Morin, head of public affairs of the TRAY.

Motorists who are distracted, who have been surveyed said that they ate and drank (55 %), being telephoned (39 %) and to have sent text messages (11 %), several times during that period of time.

The TRAY reminds us that listening to the music and make-up can also distract the motorists. “Any activity that diverts the driver’s attention from the road is considered a distraction” supports the TRAY.

According to the results, adults aged 35 to 44 who are hit the hardest. In fact, 87 % of them have claimed to have diverted their attention from the road in the last six months.

New awareness campaign

The TRAY made the fight against distracted driving his horse of battle. Indeed, an awareness campaign will be launched soon in order to raise awareness among canadian motorists with respect to their behaviour on the road and the consequences that are related to them.

“We have decided to address this issue through an approach which is moving with a hint of humor. We hope that the campaign will resonate with the drivers, but also passengers who also have their role to play, because distracted driving is everyone’s business ” says Anne Morin.

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