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National bank launches exchange-traded funds


Alain Thériault

February 11, 2019 09:30

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National bank Investments (BNI) has launched four exchange-traded funds. They are traded on the Toronto stock Exchange since Friday, 8 February.

The ETFS are on a roll. According to the bulletin, the Canadian ETF Flows, published in February by the financial markets division of National Bank Financial, BNI becomes the 35th provider of ETF to make its entry into the canadian market, and its four products join the other 20 that have been launched since the beginning of the year.

This is the ETF income real assets global BNI (TSX : NREA), NBF canadian family business BNI (TSX : NFAM), ETF assets to canadian preferred stocks BNI (TSX : NPRF) and the ETFS alternative investments liquid BNI (TSX : NALT).

Active management

In its offer, BNI focuses on the active management, a trend that is particularly marked in 2018, with one of the ETFS, fixed income and multi-asset.

“We are pleased to continue the evolution of the solutions BNI in providing opportunities for investors with innovative portfolio diversification and risk “, points out Annamaria Testani, vice-president, national sales at National Bank Investments.

Niches in which to diversify the risk

While the markets are more complex than ever, Ms. Testani believes that it is essential to stay invested. “We believe that our first ETF will provide an effective opportunity to obtain exposures of niche non-traditional, active, and alternatives “, she adds.

Among these niches, the ETF income real assets global invests in companies considered to operate in the sector of real assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, or natural resources. This ETF focuses on the protection against inflation. The ETF asset canadian preferred stocks update on a dividend income advantageous from a tax perspective. The ETF of canadian family businesses BNI reproduces the performance of the Index BNC family businesses. The three ETFS that invest in units of mutual funds to achieve their goals.

ETF alternative

The ETF alternative investments liquid has as investment objective to generate a positive return while maintaining a low correlation between its performance and that of the major global stock markets, and lower volatility than the performance of these markets, ” says BNI. It will invest primarily in long and short positions in derivatives that provide exposure to various asset classes world important, such as government bonds, currencies, equities or commodities.

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