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Navacord a partnership with a big player in the world


Frédérique De Simone

23 July 2019 11:30

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The consolidator canadian Navacord has joined the brokerage company in the global Brokerslink. The firm, incorporated in Switzerland, currently has 55 independent shareholders on five continents and account to take advantage of the opportunity to open a canadian subsidiary.

Brokerslink is currently offering solutions in the assessment and management of risks for multinationals and gives them access to a market in nearly 115 countries. It has a network of independent dealers, which has almost 18 000 professionals.

“We knew that to become the only affiliate canadian Brokerslink would allow us to better serve the needs of our customers and help us achieve our goals,” said president director of Navacord, Shawn DeSantis.

Big ambitions

“Navacord has built an excellent reputation for its depth of expertise, and his avant-garde approach with its clients. Its capabilities, as well as the magnitude and the scope of its services everywhere in Canada, are important to our partners and affiliates in the world “, said the chairman of Brokerslink, José Manuel Fonseca.

Navacord has doubled in size over the past four years and hopes to double it again by 2022. He has recently made the acquisition of corporate Benefit Consultants, based in Edmonton, and has announced that it has launched Navasure Structured Surety Solutions, which provides guarantee to the companies of the energy industry.

Editor’s Note : be Careful not to confuse Brokerslink with the consolidator of the brokerage firm of canadian BrokerLink, an entity owned by Intact financial Corporation.

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