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New firms in damage insurance : a lot of entries, few new businesses


Justine Montminy

2 October, 2018 07:00

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In recent years, many brokerage firms have seen the light of day. A slowdown was observed, however, for the past two years.

The Journal of insurance has identified 42 new records of a firm in damage insurance, with theAuthority of the financial markets over the last twelve months. Among these, 17 have confirmed that it is simply a matter of administrative changes, and 12 had confirmed that it was indeed a new cabinet. Most, however, are the firms of autonomous agents affiliated with La Capitale general insurance.

The of the insurance Journal spoke with 10 of these new entrepreneurs. The others have either not wanted to comment or did not return calls.

The entrepreneurial spirit above all

The two owners, Insurance Group ilita, Zakaria Bouhayat and Norah Shafik have worked for many insurance companies in the past, such as Intact and belairdirect. It is the sense of entrepreneurship which has led them to start their brokerage firm.

“We said that we had the technical knowledge to start our firm. We had a bit of money aside so we launched, ” explains Mr. Bouhayat.

The firm, registered with the French financial markets Authority since September, is located on the island of Montreal, but also serves the South Shore and the North Shore. It offers car insurance, home and business.

A family affair

François Hébert is a broker for 27 years and has worked for a firm family many years before it was bought by Univesta. “As long as looking for another job, I said to myself, why not starting a new firm ? I wanted to work in my own way. I wanted to demonstrate transparency and independence. I think that I also have a lot of experience in the field “, he explains. It is thus that he founded the firm of Insurance Hébert , who specializes in commercial insurance. The firm serves the greater Montreal area.

Dominic Pillenière, owner of the cabinet montreal – life Insurance RFP, has also chosen to specialize in the insurance companies. He represents the third generation working in the insurance industry. By opening his own firm, Mr. Pillenière sought to build a reputation in the community. He has worked in the past for Vézina Assurances and Univesta.

In search of independence

With 30 years of insurance in the insurance field, Terry Kocisko was founded Kocisko J. insurance Brokers when he left the Marsh. Located in Montreal, the firm specializes in insurance, construction and bonding. He is also active in Ontario.

“Today, there are a lot of purchases and mergers in the field of brokerage. I was looking to open a specialized firm that focuses more on personalized service, ” says Mr. Kocisko. The cabinet plans to submit a request to start its activities in the west of the country.

The numerous transactions that are being motivated Alain Roy to found his own brokerage firm this year. Also aggregator, A submission PLEASE operates across Quebec, but is located on the South Shore of Montreal. Mr. Roy has been agent for 12 years. It is in the brokerage that he discovered his true passion. He quickly felt the need of founding his own company.

“The practices of certain firms and purchases of these made me want to launch myself in business. If I wanted to be happy, I knew I had to do things by myself. “

For Pierre-André Poirier of Poirier Insurance, independence was paramount in the opening of his office in brokering. “I founded my firm to manage my own customer base. I wanted to have a 100% control and have my own volume without any constraint. When your volume is yours, you feel more free, ” he explains.

Located in the Lanaudière region, the firm specializes in business and has products in the insurance, transportation, residence for the elderly and for jewellers. “My priority is to offer a personalized service and transparent. I am 100 % independent and I want to work for the client. The advantage of firms like us, it is the independence and the service, my clients all have my cell phone number and can reach me at any time. “


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