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Nicolas Marceau calls into question the practices of the industry in the field of psychological health


Hubert Roy

April 18, 2018 11:30

Nicolas Marceau | Photo : Denis Méthot

For Nicolas Marceau, the experience by Samuel Archibald in the face of the Desjardins group is not an isolated case. For him, there is something that is not going to in the treatment that the insurers are psychological health issues.

In a parliamentary commission, in the framework of the reading, article-by-article bill 141, Mr. Marceau told four actual cases experienced by insured persons, who have requested anonymity. The experience of these four people is in all points similar to the one experienced by Samuel Archibald, ” said the member of parliament for Rousseau, spokesperson for the Parti Québécois in the field of finance.

“What is the industry ? ”

Mr. Marceau advanced, and the insurance industry the finger in his way to compensate people who are experiencing mental health problems. He also questions on what is being done to ensure that the practices of the industry in the area improve. He challenged the minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão on this point, during the session of the Committee on public finance from march 22, including the Journal of insurance has investigated the transcripts.

“The question is, said Mr. Marceau. I understand that in the draft of act 141, we remained very, very general, on this issue. It has been entrusted to thefinancial markets Authority the task of issuing guidelines, but also to ensure that the business practices and compensation are appropriate. There is a problem that seems to me to be obvious. “

The member for Rousseau adds that it is not satisfactory that are entrusted with the Authority to properly manage these practices. “It should be minimally that the minister of Finance says : “well, look, me too, I find that it is unacceptable. These practices need to be reviewed. I entrust to the Authority the task of addressing this question and establish standards for the compensation procedures which ensure or guarantee that the insured do not feel harassed.” “

Carlos J. Leitão | Photo : Denis Méthot

The response of the minister Leitão

In his reply, the minister Leitão is limited to invite the four persons to whom Mr. Marceau has made reference to file a complaint with the Authority. “The Authority may adjust its practices and its guidelines in the wake of complaints from citizens. So, if it finds that there is a problem, it can revise its guidelines. It has all the latitude required to do so. “

Mr. Marceau raised by the continued, obviously not satisfied with the response of the minister of Finance. “It seems to me, Mr. minister, that you have the power to request the Authority to make the light. I’m not telling you to do a commission of inquiry. I am simply telling you that you may want to ask the Authority to pay particular attention to the standards and practices of the insurers in the case of disability insurance. “

“Not for the government to say what to do to the Authority “, said the minister

Mr. Leitão has responded that he considered it a delicate matter to address the all-parliamentary committee, given the independence of the Authority as a regulator. “This is not the government to tell the Authority what to investigate or what to do. “

Mr. Marceau said he disagreed with this interpretation of the minister. For the member for Rousseau, the Authority should have the power to regulate insurers in this sense, and not the legislature. All this must however come with the guarantee that the practices of insurers in change. “There is definitely a way for an insurer to obtain the information it needs to compensate them adequately and then correctly, without that it is at the expense of the other insured people and insurance premiums. “

Mr. Leitão has again responded that it is up to the people to make a complaint to the Authority in the event of a problem so that the regulator can then intervene. The president of the Commission, the mna Raymond Bernier, then invited the parliamentarians to discuss specific provisions of bill 141, which closed the debate on this issue.

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