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“Ok Google, I want to talk with Desjardins “



25 March 2019 13:30

The members of the Desjardins group can now have access to their transactional data and balances from their accounts through the Wizard Google, available on their mobile device or Google Home.

When the user launches the Wizard Google, he needs to enter a password, voice of four-digit to a ” secure interaction “. Desjardins wants to be reassuring about the safety of financial data, claiming that the ” questions and their responses will be recorded temporarily by Google “. The information is then destroyed ” within a reasonable time after your interaction with the action Desjardins “.

“This solution enhances the modes of interaction offered to our members and customers to interact with us, and is a new concrete stage of the digital shift in Desjardins,” said Guy Cormier, president and chief executive officer of Desjardins group. “Until now, we have been interacting generally with our devices via a keyboard. We are very proud of this evolution and of the work accomplished by our teams, on which we can build a range of new services in the future. “

At the time of publication, Desjardins had not yet responded to questions about the possibility to add functions in connection with an insurance policy.

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