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One hundred years of experience passed on in an hour at the appointment of the RJCQ


May 7, 2018 09:45

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How to start in the profession of financial security advisors ? How to remain, even after the first failures ? Four general agents have shared nearly 100 years of experience in an hour with the 200 participants of the appointment of the Grouping of the young brokers of Quebec on may 3.

Sébastien Lafond, Lafond and associates, Patrick Cloutier, the Group Cloutier, James McMahon, of the Group’s financial Horizons and Dominic Demers, of the Financial S_entiel, have flooded the participants of their experience.

Several tips

The tips have poured in waves : think like a business owner, to develop the sense of entrepreneurship, work in a team, surround yourself with people stronger than yourself, think digital, to develop a unique identity, to be a generalist surrounded by specialists, enrich a mentor, sign up to the coaching contractor.

Beyond the practical advice, life advice have also been shared. James McMahon has hammered that this profession is built thanks to the passion, the enthusiasm, the desire to serve people and the ability to have dreams ! If someone wants to break your dreams, save you from him, he insisted.

Sébastien Lafond believes that we should invest less time in product training than in training on the enterprise marketing. The communication with the client, the art of attracting people, the importance of the visual in the tools are more important when one is in business, he said.

Compete in the digital age

We must not make the shift to digital, one must hit it, launched Patrick Cloutier, to illustrate the importance in terms of success in the profession. “You must become masters of the electronic application, fans of the software of management of the customer “, in order to increase your efficiency and save time.

Dominic Demers also believes that interpersonal skills play an important role in the profession. Another tip is to become the reference for all the living needs of a client. Banking, automotive, technology services and computer financing needs. This is a good way, according to him, to be always present in the mind of the customer.

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