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One-third of U.s. holders of a life insurance policy does not include



29 August 2018 13:30

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If 54 % of Americans have indicated to be the holder of a life insurance policy, 33 % of them do not understand it quite, reveal the results of a survey of LendEDU. Among the 1000 people surveyed, those who hold a life insurance claim to 83 % think that it is worth the cost.

LendEDU advance that many consumers are slowing in their approach to the purchase of an insurance policy because of its opacity. The firm cites the results of a study showing that 83% of Americans would be more inclined to purchase a life insurance policy if it was easier to understand.

“The decision to purchase a life insurance policy can be a financial decision difficult to make, not only because of the cost, but also because it can be difficult to understand all the aspects of the topic,” says the firm.

18 % do not want to

More than half (53 %) of Americans who do not have life insurance, however, anticipate obtain one in the future, while 18 % will not make it and that 29 % are not sure.

Of all the people surveyed, 65 % of those who pay currently student loans say that they would prefer to obtain an equivalent amount in order to pay their debt rather than life insurance offered by their employer, reports LendEDU.

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