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Ontarians are more aware of insurance fraud, believes Aviva


Hubert Roy

5 December 2018 11:30

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More and more Ontarians say they are aware that insurance fraud is to increase their insurance bill, reveals a pollby Aviva Canada. In addition, they want their government to take action to stem this scourge.

Thus, 88 % of Ontarians surveyed by Aviva believe that the automotive repair shops inflate the cost of repairs, compared to 77 % in 2017. In addition, 86 % of Ontarians surveyed are of the opinion that the government and the agencies of law enforcement must mobilize more resources to investigate fraudulent claims and prosecute the criminals, as compared to 78 % in 2017.

New data this year’s survey by Aviva : more than 50 per cent of Ontarians believe that a compensation claim on four is a fraud. Last year, Aviva was estimated at two billion dollars the cost of insurance fraud in Canada.

A CEO concerned

In the results with the survey, Colm Holmes, CEO of Aviva Canada, says that it is time to stem the tide of insurance fraud. “Of insured persons and service providers are dishonest continue to cheated consumers. We are facing a form of fraud both serious and troubling, who is going up for sale and the setting of automobile insurance fraud. “

Mr. Holmes adds that we must do better for the drivers honest. “It is in this perspective that Aviva is committed to fight against fraud. Drivers honest pay higher premiums to cover the cost of the fraud. They are aware of it. We also. “

A fight that must become the norm and not a competitive advantage

The Journal of insurance has asked Mr. Holmes if the other insurers were doing enough in prevention to insurance fraud, given that Aviva Canada is multiplying initiatives and investigations in the field since several years. He stressed that he could not speak of the vision of its competitors in the matter, but reiterated that his company would continue to work with the insurance Bureau of Canada, the other insurers and the various stakeholders in the public sector to reduce this scourge.

“The fight against insurance fraud has become a norm and not an element that differentiates us from the competition. Consumers can also do their part by denouncing to their insurer or to the police, ” added Mr. Holmes, in an email sent to the Journal of the insurance.

Only the Ontario survey

For the second edition of his survey, Aviva is focused only on the province of Ontario. The insurer has not surveyed Canadian residents outside of this province.

It is in Ontario that the problem of insurance fraud is the most serious in Canada. In this province, the private insurers provide the portion of bodily injury, contrary to Quebec, where it is the government who deals with it via the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec.

The survey was conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights through interviews online conducted with 1 500 Ontarians, 18 years of age or older and holders of an automobile insurance policy. The interviews were conducted from 15 to 24 October 2018. The results are considered accurate to within a ratio of plus or minus 2.5 %, in 19 cases out of 20.

Some of the highlights of the survey conducted by Aviva

• 86 % of Ontarians surveyed are in favour of the introduction of new measures to combat fraud.

• 82 % believe that the increase in insurance premiums is caused by the fraudulent claims (auto repairs, car thefts, damage, personal injury).

• 73 % believe that the crackdown on insurance fraud will result in a reduction in their auto insurance premium.

• 74 % of Ontarians surveyed are in favour of the introduction of laws at the provincial level.

• 70 % are of the opinion that insurance companies should mobilize more resources to combat this scourge. In this respect, 60 % support the creation of an electronic database of the prevention of fraud in which the customers will be able to access the result of an automobile accident :

o 72 % use it to search for a repair shop.

o 58 % use it to search for a health care provider for the treatment of injuries.

• 59 % of Ontarians believe that the insurance companies need to invest in a management model of insurance fraud and determine penalties and fines specific to punish the guilty.

• 53 % believe that the government, insurance companies, other bodies engaged in the fight against fraud and the police have a duty to warn consumers of fraudulent schemes.

• 77 % are of the opinion that the insurance companies that have come to light of fraudulent practices should make this information available to the public in real time.

The means to combat fraud

Aviva Canada has investigators to examine cases of insurance fraud. The insurer has also set up a telephone line available 24 hours a day where citizens can communicate with its anti-fraud service.

Aviva has also conducted a hidden camera investigation named ” Project Bumper “ to highlight the magnitude of the fraud committed by the car repair shops and tow truck drivers in Ontario. It was the second of its kind. The first one, named ” Draft Duffy “, was on the fraud committed by health care professionals and a paralegal.

Aviva has also made it possible for police forces to update several cases of fraud, including one who was allowed to pin a police officer in the province who had attempted to remove his truck.

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