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Ontario is also in the line-of-sight


Justine Montminy

June 19, 2018 07:00

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The situation in the United States is beginning to be felt outside of Quebec, particularly in Ontario, where the bodily injury generate high claims.

The premiums for carriers ranging in Ontario is increasing. However, it is more difficult to control these movements, as there is no border.

“If a carrier arrives at the u.s. border and that there was no evidence that he is insured in the United States, customs officials are going to call the insurers for confirmation,” explains the director, transportation and personal lines in April Canada, Patricia Desjardins. A same carrier trying to get in Ontario will not have the same control.

The wholesaler must then make a survey of the companies for the risk assessment. There are still carriers who find a way to hijack the proceedings. “There is a new mode these days where the carriers will hire drivers in ontario who are based in Quebec. However, they will work more often in Ontario than here, ” notes Ms. Desjardins.

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