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Opta purchases a specialist in behavioural profiling


Frédérique De Simone

6 February 2019 11:30

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The provider of real estate data and information of risks on properties in Canada, Opta Intelligence Informationnelle, acquires getClarity, a company of canadian data, which is recognized for its analysis and its algorithms profiling behavioral.

Through this acquisition, Opta, a subsidiary of the adjuster pan-canadian RMS, intends to renew its business model. The firm believes that it will be able to analyze the exterior of a property, but also the consumption habits of its occupants.

“We now have the capacity not only to provide the best data on the properties to the insurance industry of damage. But we can also help to understand the people who live within these properties and what are their buying habits, ” said Greg McCutcheon, president of Opta.

On the field of play, Netflix, Amazon, and Google

GetClarity develops his expertise on behavioral economics, as do Netflix, Amazon, Google. The company uses its data on consumer behavior to help insurers to understand all the facets of their existing and potential customers, above and beyond the insurable risk.

The list of customers who getClarity provides data and statistics includes the major insurance companies in canada, the automotive industry and pharmaceutical as well as Statistics Canada, one can read on its Web site.

Other acquisition

Another subsidiary of RMS, Indemnipro, announced that it had acquired a claims adjuster in British Columbia. There is another firm in the expertise of regulations of loss : Associated Independent Adjusters. Thus, 29 experts claim add to the team Indemnipro.

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