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Patrice Jean is no longer CEO of Lussier Dale Parizeau


Hubert Roy

14 November 2018 11:15

André Lussier, Patrice Jean | Photo : Réjean Meloche

Changing of the guard at the head of the largest brokerage firm in Quebec. Patrice Jean was thanked for his services as chief executive officer of Lussier Dale Parizeau Monday noon.

Why this change ? “We had different visions and important as it related to the management of the company, as well as its strategy,” said André Lussier, president of the board of directors of Lussier Dale Parizeau, the Journal of insurance. Mr. Lussier takes over the reins of the daily management of the brokerage firm for a time.

Mr. Lussier said take this interim to ensure the stability of the company. Elias Assad will assist in this function as executive vice-president. The whole of the vice-presidents remain in office, he also said.

Looking for a successor

Mr. Lussier goes in search of a successor to Mr. Jean. “We will take the time to define what profile we are looking to fill the position of president. The whole is in time and place. I can’t put a date for the moment, ” he said.

Mr. Lussier is also clear to the effect that he wants to do this reflection. For him, the damage insurance brokerage is at a crucial stage of its existence.

“There are a lot of strategic thinking to do. These are interesting times. It is necessary to deal with the technology, but also with the human. It is necessary to come to facilitate the access of our services to our clients. There is a lot of bread on the board, ” he says.

Mr. Lussier had also taken time to praise the work done by Mr. John in recent years. “He has the roost. It has completed the integration of two large companies. It is necessary to recognize his contribution to the company. He is a manager of high level. We were, however, at a point where we were no longer on the same wavelength as to the strategic thinking of the company. “

Mr. Lussier said he also proud of the team of managers in place at Lussier Dale Parizeau. “I am proud of it. By acquiring Trinome Conseils, we have diversified our offer of services. Now we need to deliver the goods. “

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